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05-07 Sequoia, 05-06 Tundra LED Retrofits

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Tired of not being about to see at night? Well this is your solution.

Using innovative technology that converts a 20 year old headlight into something that can compete with the light output of today’s top car manufactures. Combining the excellent quality of LED projector kits and new housings with the attention to detail of the SRQ Fabrications build team, we offer a product the will surly impress. Converting the stock housing to a full projector setup not only looks cool but also provides the amazing benefits of being able to run a HID kit. The projector kit is the top 3” projector on the market. With 5th generation optics powering across their curved cutoff shield and through the standard Kuria Optic clear lens, the kit is a force to be reckoned with. Razor Sharp, unbeatable width, perfectly distributed gradient of light down to the foreground, and a high beam that’ll put some off road LED bars to shame.

Housings Only: This option allows you to only purchase the headlight housings with a set of ACME Mini H1 porjectors mounted inside. This kit does not come with any HID wiring, bulbs, ballasts, etc. You will need to source those on your own or through our site.

Base Package: Looking for an afforadble retrofit option? This kit is probably what you are looking for. With ACME Mini H1 projectors mounted in the housings you are sure to brighten up the night. This kit also includes all the necessary wiring, bulbs, and 35w ballasts to have a plug and play connection to your vehicle. No extra purchases are needed if you choose this package.

D2S Upgrade: Like the Base Package, this kit includes everything you will need. However, this kit includes D2S projectors along with upgraded D2S wiring and 55w ballasts! If you are looking for the ultimate retrofit, this is exactly what you need!

Switchback halo: This option means the halo only changes between amber and white. Often times connected to your turn signals and orner light so that the halo blinks amber when you are turning and remains white while you are driving straight.

Color change halo: This option comes with a remote that allows you to change the color of the halo to multiple different colors. You will be able to adjust the brightness, strobe patterns, and fading options. This option also inlcudes an amber wire which overides the current color when it gains power. This means that the color change halo can also flash amber with your turn signals, then go back to your color after you are done turning.

Demon eye: A small colorchaing LED that is placed in the projector itself. This allows you to change the color inside the lens while the HID bulbs are off. Controlled by a bluetoothe remote.

Front halo: This halo is mounted to the front of the shroud around the front of the projector lens and can be seen when not on.

Rear halo: This halo is mounted inside the shroud and can only be seen when on. It shines through openeings in the shroud and provides for a clean look that is also very functional during all hours of the day. These halos are larger in diameter than the front halos.

Bluetooth Controller: Ordered colorchange halos or a demon eye kit with your retrofit? You'll want to add on this controller so you can control your halos/demon eyes right from your phone!

Build Time: 8-12 Weeks