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Why You Need High Clearance Offroad Bumpers

Living in the western United States means you have access to some of the best offroad trails in the country. The rugged terrain provides for an excellent ride and allows you to push your truck to its limits. Naturally, you need to equip your car so that it can handle the terrain.

High clearance offroad Toyota bumpers are a must if you plan on doing any off-roading. Not only do the bumpers protect your truck, but they also look great. There are also options for customization that allow you to get exactly what you need from the bumpers.

Here are the reasons why you should get these bumpers.

What's So Great About High Clearance Offroad Toyota Bumpers?

High clearance off-road bumpers are an excellent addition to any 4-wheel-drive vehicle. They offer great performance whether you're on a gravel road or an off-road trail. Off-roading presents a myriad of dangers, and one of those dangers is the potential for animal strikes.

A hefty bumper can be the difference between life and death, depending on the size of the animal you hit. Steel bumpers offer some of the best protection available thanks to the material's durability.

The more remote the area you're in, the higher your risk of running into wildlife.

A durable bumper will protect all of the vital parts on the front of your truck. A good bumper will cut down on vehicle damage and may afford you the ability to drive yourself to get medical assistance if needed. A good bumper can be the difference between driving your car to a mechanic or calling a tow truck.

A good bumper should have the protection necessary to protect your headlights, radiator, and viscous fan. If the viscous fan suffers damage, it can result in a coolant leak. This can lead to your car overheating, which will put your car out of commission.

Approach Angles

A good high clearance bumper will have short overhangs and be compact. They should also be tucked higher on the vehicle. This will give your car better ground and wheel clearance.

It also makes the approach angles on your car better, which is important for off-roading.

The approach angle is the angle at which the ground meets your tire and the lowest portion of the overhang on your vehicle. A bigger approach angle gives your more clearance for your vehicle to maneuver without hitting any interference from the ground.

One of the benefits of high clearance bumpers is the ability to drive on steeper slopes, drive over bigger rocks, and climb hills without hitting anything.

You can also further improve your truck's performance by adding accessories.

Departure Angles

Like the front of your vehicle, the rear also has an angle at which it has clearance before it hits objects at a certain height. This angle is called the departure angle.

Rear bumpers are essential for the same reason front bumpers are. It protects the rear of your vehicle from debris, rocks, and the ground. They also prevent your truck from getting caught on anything.

Radiator Protection

In most cars, the radiator can be found in the front of a vehicle. A high-quality bumper can help protect one of the most important parts of your car. A damaged radiator can cause the car to overheat.

When the radiator overheats, it can cause serious damage to the engine. A good front bumper is important when off-roading since it can minimize damage to the radiator, should you hit something. If there's less damage, that's less money you have to spend on repairs and even a tow truck.

Recovery Points

Most bumpers should have mounts that allow you to perform recoveries. It's a good idea to have the option available to mount safe recoveries.

Doing off-roading requires a powerful vehicle. However, there are some scenarios where power isn't enough to get your truck out of a tough situation.

If you're out with friends off-roading and you get stuck somewhere, the mount will allow them to pull you to safety. All cars have recovery points, but the heft of a good high clearance off-road bumper can make it easier to pull your car to safety.

Winch Compatibility

Not all bumpers are compatible with winches. You should get a rear bumper for your car that allows you to install a winch. Even if you don't have one as soon as you install the bumper, you can always get one later.

Winches are important for the same reason good recovery points are. It gives you the ability to get yourself out of a bind if your truck gets stuck.

The best winch-compatible bumpers also incorporated a winch plate into their design. The winch plate is what gives you the ability to install a winch onto your truck. If your bumper doesn't have a winch plate, you can buy one and add it to your bumper.

Gear and Accessories for Your Toyota

Buying high clearance offroad bumpers for your car can offer a lot of protection for you, your passengers, and your truck. Good bumpers will help your truck handle the harsh conditions you may encounter when you go offroading. They should also have the ability to incorporate additional features onto your car to help get you out of tough spots.

At True North Fabrications, we sell gear and accessories for Toyota vehicles. If you need high clearance offroad Toyota bumpers for your truck, we have lots of models. Visit our site to check out bumpers for 3rd Gen Tacomas, GX470s, 4th Gen 4Runners, and other car models.