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A Complete Guide to Ford Bronco Bumpers

Every year, millions of Americans head offroad to experience a more thrilling kind of driving. While it can be dangerous, having the right kind of offroading gear can make your experience safer and much more enjoyable.

If you have an SUV like a Ford Bronco, your car is already built to handle many of the rigors of offroad driving. It has four-wheel drive and large tires to traverse dirt roads and rocky passages.

Some modifications can still improve its performance. Ford Bronco bumpers designed for offroad driving will serve you well.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about these kinds of bumpers.

Why You Need Offroading Bumpers

Many offroading bumpers lend your Bronco a rough, rugged appearance, but they aren't just for aesthetics. These bumpers will dramatically improve your off-road experience.

Stand Up to Tough Terrain

Many offroad bumpers are made of incredibly durable materials like high-grade steel and are coated with materials that resist damage from debris. This means that your SUV gets the maximum amount of protection.

You won't have to worry about minor accidents affecting the performance or appearance of your vehicle.

Your Bronco's stock plastic bumpers are flimsy in comparison. They can easily crack when you kick up rocks while offroading. If you happen to run into something, these bumpers will shatter or tear away, which can also damage mechanisms like your headlights.

Protect Vital Components

Offroad bumpers protect more than the front and rear of your Bronco. Many of these bumpers also feature skid plates that protect your oil pan.

Driving on an uneven road puts your oil pan at risk. The pan is on the underside of the front end of the vehicle, and destroying it while driving on rough terrain could leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Frame Mounting For Easier Recovery

Getting stuck is a fact of life when it comes to offroading. There will come a time when you misjudge something and end up needing to rescue your vehicle.

The good news is that offroading bumpers attach directly to the frame of your Bronco. This makes it easier to pull your car out of trouble.

Improved Clearance

Offroad bumpers have a much lower profile than stock bumpers. This gives you the freedom to traverse jagged roads and perform more thrilling maneuvers like rock crawling.

Stock bumpers are likely to snag on this kind of rugged terrain. They'll tear away potentially damaging other parts of your vehicle in the process.

With a low-profile offroad bumper, you'll have much less impeding your ability to drive on even surfaces. They also typically slope upwards to improve approach and departure angles.

Your Bumper Options

There are a few main types of offroad bumpers. Each has its own advantages.


Pre-runner bumpers feature a tube of heavy-duty steel tube that extends out from the front of your Bronco.

These bumpers are some of the lowest-profile offroad bumpers available. They're perfect for ascending steep inclines. Stinger bars, used to help balance a vehicle on very steep planes, can easily be attached to a pre-runner for added stability.

However, their slim nature offers less protection than other kinds of bumpers in the event of a head-on impact.

Many offroaders appreciate their style and find them to be among the best looking off-road bumpers available.


Tubular bumpers contain multiple steel tubes for more impact protection. They can also be fitted with a stinger bar add-on.

They have a higher profile than pre-runner bumpers, so tubular bumpers have a more limited approach angle. Your Bronco may be slightly less agile over rocky terrain, but the additional protection might be worth the compromise.


Heavy-duty bumpers offer the most protection possible. These incredibly strong bumpers make use of a welded plate and will stand up to virtually anything, so expect them to add a considerable amount of weight to your vehicle. Heavy-duty bumpers can also accommodate a winch.


Hybrid designs offer the best of both worlds. They combine a smaller form factor with advanced protection. They're usually a combination of heavy-duty and pre-runner bumpers in both features and appearance.

What to Consider When Choosing a Bumper

When it comes to offroad bumpers, there isn't a clear-cut best choice. You'll have to consider how you plan to use your offroad vehicle. These key factors inform which new bumper is ideal for your Bronco.

Rock Crawling

Rock crawling is a favorite activity for many offroad enthusiasts. If you plan on doing it, you'll need bumpers that offer the best approach and departure angles and can be matched with stinger bars for added balance.

For this, you'll probably want to go with a pre-runner bumper on the front end, although hybrid bumpers may be able to allow some less-extreme rock crawling.


A winch can be a lifesaving piece of machinery. You can use it to pull yourself out of trouble or assist in the rescue of another car.

Not all bumpers can accommodate winches. If you plan to install a winch, you'll need a hybrid bumper or a heavy-duty one.

Push Bars

Another way to help out a fellow off-roader is to push their stuck vehicle out of a jam. You'll need a strong bumper with a push bar to make this happen.

If you think this is something you'll end up needing to do, opt for a tubular bumper. These solid bumpers can easily lend a helping heave.

Ford Bronco Bumpers for Offroading

Few things are more exhilarating than ripping down a deserted dirt trail and traversing miles of unexplored road. To get the most out of your offroading experience and keep your car safe, you need Ford Bronco bumpers designed for off-roading.

There are plenty of reasons to get an offroad bumper and a few main styles to choose from. How you use your SUV informs your ideal bumper choice.

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