Top Features of the New Ford Bronco

Top Features of the New Ford Bronco

Over 100,000 Broncos were sold in 2021 in North America alone.

Since original production ended in 1996 people have been clamoring for the Ford Bronco to make a return. With sales soaring high, the sky's the limit for this popular SUV. The Ford Bronco features many attractive and desirable options that can turn your Bronco into one of the best vehicles you’ll ever own.

Ford Bronco Features

A new Ford Bronco is an off-roading machine. They have a lot of features that make them tons of fun to have out in the desert or out trail riding. High clearance, good safety features, and other unique features will make it on our list.

If you’re buying a Ford Bronco, you should know that not all the best features come on every model. Some of their best features need the engine which best suits them. A great example of this is the One-pedal driving feature.

One Pedal Driving

If you buy the 2.7L v6 Bronco, you will get access to one of the very best Ford Bronco Features. One-pedal driving is for off-road adventure. It allows the driver to use the accelerator only, so as the accelerator depressed, the breaks will release.

This way of driving features with experienced off-road drivers. In other vehicles, this requires using the brake and the accelerator in unison with two feet. The Ford Bronco makes it easier, requiring that you only use a single foot to control the entire vehicle.

Head Curtain Airbags

One of the best safety features you could ask for, the head curtain airbags protect your head and neck in the case of a crash. This makes the vehicle safer than most of its competitors. Safety comes at a cost as they did have to remove the roll-cage-mounted handles which people often use to get into the vehicle.

The safety benefit of the head curtain airbags is incredible. If you have an issue getting into the vehicle without a handle, you can ease that by adding on a rock slider. This accessory comes available for the 2 door and 4 door models.

Trail Control

Unlike competitors like the Toyota 4Runner which has crawl control that involves multiple steps to activate, the Trail Control on the Bronco stands out. It is a superior system that controls the speed of the vehicle so the driver can focus on driving.

This system operates with the electronics on the Bronco, which regulate speed, braking, and transmission. This level of control allows the driver to let loose and enjoy the drive without risking damage to their vehicle. Like adaptive cruise control, except focused on the off-road experience.

2.7L Bi-Turbo V6

If you want serious horsepower to get around off-road, you can’t do any better than the Bronco. With this engine installed, the Ford Bronco gets 330 horsepower. Along with this powerful engine comes a ten-speed automatic transmission as a standard feature.

The combination of this transmission and engine makes the driving experience even better. The transmission has a first gear that has low ratios for crawling over rocks and taking extreme trails. Whatever you want to do, the Broncomakes it fun and easier to accomplish.

Heated Seats

Off-roading isn’t something to only happen during the summer. A whole season of fun awaits anyone who gets out and enjoys the snowy winter months in the mountains or the cool winter nights in the desert. No list of Ford Bronco accessories would be complete without talking about the heated seats.

No matter how cold it gets, having a heated seat makes the trip more enjoyable. Being able to negotiate off-road conditions while still maintaining a high level of creature comfort is one of the things that sets the Ford Bronco apart. You can expect the same excellence from the 2022 Ford Bronco.

Trail Turn Assist

The future is here because the Bronco can help you make it around incredible turns. It does this by activating the Trail Turn Assist when the wheel is maxed out in its turn. This freezes the back inside tire of the turn, making the Bronco rotate around it, instead of you banging into a boulder or tree.

Since a lot of trails feature tight spaces where mistakes are easy to make, this feature really stands out. No more clumsy turns and potential damage to the sides of your vehicle, let the Trail Turn Assist help you.

Knee Airbags

If you thought overhead airbags were amazing, the Bronco takes it a step further with knee airbags. These airbags can prevent serious injury to the legs of anyone riding in the Bronco in case of a crash. This is important when trail driving because you don’t want to be injured if you have to walk for help.

Safety has always been of great concern to Ford, and the Bronco is no exception. It features all the latest safety features and integrates them into an amazing off-road package. Don’t be afraid to get out there and experience the wild trails of California.

Watertight Engine Compartment

One of the Ford Bronco features that sets it apart is a water-tight engine compartment. This means that the Bronco can negotiate water obstacles like streams and rivers that are up to 33 inches deep. No equivalent competition model can equal that depth.

This truly allows you the freedom to explore and maneuver off-road. No matter what other Ford Bronco parts you have installed, the amphibious capability is amazing. Something not even Jeep can contend with.

The Ford Bronco and You

If you’re considering buying a Ford Bronco, you should. With state-of-the-art trail assist modes and independent differentials, Ford Bronco features are too numerous to list. You can rest easy knowing that you and your friends or family are safe while you’re out enjoying the outdoors.

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