How to Choose Armor for Your Toyota Tacoma

How to Choose Armor for Your Toyota Tacoma

If you're a Toyota Tacoma owner, you're in good company. This year alone, sales have reached almost 140,000, and that number keeps climbing. Many people get a base model and then find ways to customize it.

There are all kinds of ways to accessorize your truck. One of the best things you can do is to get Tacoma armor to help protect it.

Keep reading to learn the main types of armor available on the market today.

What Is Toyota Tacoma Armor?

Tacoma armor consists of parts that you can attach to your truck. These parts will help protect it from rough terrain and make it more durable than when you first got it. 

Some armor may not get used to protect the vehicle but to give it a more rugged look. Most trucks on the market don't come equipped with extras that you might want. 

You can get Tacoma body armor to give more protection to your vehicle and help it stand out from others. Many people want to take their trucks off-road for adventures. You can get a body armor rack for Tacoma to hold your luggage for the trip!

The Toyota Tacoma armor gets made to fit your truck. It also gets designed for what you take with you. These parts will keep your vehicle looking new and prevent dents and scratches along the way. 

Tacoma Armor Options

If you've decided you need some Tacoma armor but don't know what to get, there are options to suit your needs. You can get as much or as little as you want. You can also do it a step at a time, so you don't feel overwhelmed at first. 

When it comes to Tacoma body armor, go with what you can afford first. Some people can't start with the most expensive parts. 

Toyota Tacoma armor comes in designs for the inside of your truck as well. It's easy to wear out the carpeting in your Tacoma. Getting floor protection will keep that from happening. 

Heavy-duty floor mats keep your flooring safe from dirt and water. You get complete protection that also makes cleaning a breeze. These can get vacuumed or wiped down with a damp cloth. 

Tacoma Underbody Armor

If protecting your truck off-road is a concern, you can get Tacoma underbody armor. Skip plates will keep the undercarriage  safe. That gives some protection to your transmission and fuel tank.

Many people want rock sliders when customizing their Tacoma body armor. These get used for protecting the undersides and sides of your truck from stumps and large rocks. Some people use them as a step to get into their trucks with ease.

Rocks sliders can get welded on or bolted onto your truck. You can even use these for pivot points when you need to perform a tight turn. These protect part of the underbody next to the doors and keep the door sills safe. 

Body Armor for Tacoma 

You may travel a lot and want something that holds what you take with you. It used to be that trucks didn't get many options for that. Now, with the body armor rack for Tacoma, you get added protection and utility.

Bumper selections get extensive when looking for Tacoma armor, so finding one you like won't be hard to do. The steel frames make them sturdy and give them lots of function.

You can add winches or lights to your bumper to customize your Tacoma body armor more. Not only will they add more protection for traveling, but they can also come with touring options. 

The body armor rack for Tacoma gives you a place to store your luggage. You won't have to take up room inside the truck. The body rack gives you a strong frame making it easy to load down plenty of storage. 

A custom grille can make your truck stand out and give it more color. It can also help protect it from outside elements.  Some people want them for stylish looks, while others need the Tacoma armor for function. 

Things to Consider

When getting Toyota Tacoma armor, you need to know what fits the model you have. Not all versions get designed the same, so you need to know the specs for what you get. 

Know the lead times for what you need. Many  parts get made to order, so they take time to get to you. For some truck parts, it may take a couple of weeks before you receive them. 

Can you install the parts yourself? For some things, you may know how to get the job done. For more complex things, you may want the help of a mechanic. It may depend on your skill level and how fast you want it done. 

Have you done some research? Buying Tacoma body armor can get specific, so you want to know every detail of what you get. Will the parts serve you for years to come? 

How do the prices compare? You can get Tacoma armor at various prices points, depending on the material and style. For things like Tacoma underbody armor, you will want to get the best material available. 

Best Tacoma Armor You'll Ever Own

No matter what the need, we have Tacoma armor that protects your paint and holds up to everyday demands. Your truck is an investment, so you want the best parts for it. 

Some truck parts are vulnerable to bumps and dips along the road. No matter what path you're on, the terrain can get rough. Your Tacoma armor will guard against expensive cosmetic and functional damage. 

When you're ready to start your Tacoma armor adventure, we're here to help. Contact us today for more information about the options for your Toyota Tacoma armor!