7 Don't Ignore Signs That Your Truck Needs Suspension Repair

7 Don't Ignore Signs That Your Truck Needs Suspension Repair

You might not realize it, but 6,500 new trucks are sold each day. It’s a very popular type of vehicle! People love driving a powerful vehicle that sits up high and can tow almost anything.

However, all that rugged use can lead to problems with the suspension system. Suspension repair doesn’t have to be a huge problem, especially if the issue is caught early. Unfortunately, some truck owners wait too long to get in to the shop, leading to a much higher suspension repair cost.

Here we highlight seven signs you need auto suspension repair. Keep reading so you know when to call the shop!

1. The Vehicle Pulls to One Side

If you notice your truck doesn’t drive in a straight line without steering, you could have a problem with the suspension. It’s common for vehicles to pull to one side or the other, but it can be hard to diagnose why without a professional.

Sometimes the problem comes from tire wear, and other times there are issues with the brakes or alignment. Maybe a part of your suspension broke and you need to call the auto suspension repair shop right away.

The number one rule is that you don’t want to ignore a tendency to pull to the right or left. If you don’t address it, it can cause significant damage to your truck.

2. Your Truck is a Rough Ride

We love feeling the road — or off-road trail — beneath us. That’s why we bought a truck in the first place! However, it can get to be too much, which signals a problem with the suspension.

If you experience a bumpy ride, especially on a smooth road, you might have worn shocks or struts. They may also be leaking.

How can you tell you need to contact a suspension repair shop? Try the bounce test while the truck is parked. Simply push the front of the truck down and let go. If it bounces three times or more, you probably have worn shocks or struts.

3. One Corner of the Vehicle is Low

Does one corner of your truck seem to sag when the vehicle is parked? If you have noticed a problem with how your truck sits, damaged suspension springs could be the culprit.

If there are issues with the leaf springs, you may also notice clunking noises on bumps. Taking corners at a normal, safe speed can start to be problematic.

A blown shock can compromise the suspension spring, causing these concerns. It’s important to get it addressed as soon as possible. Handing issues may seem minor right now, but they can get worse over time.

Driving with these problems can become dangerous, especially in bad weather. Don’t delay in calling your repair shop.

4. Your Truck Nose-Dives or Tips Backward

No matter what make or model you drive, your vehicle should not be bucking like a bronco. Of course, rough terrain or extreme handling can make this happen even to a brand-new truck. However, if it occurs during everyday driving, the suspension is likely compromised.

Your shocks or struts will need to be replaced so that your truck is safe to drive. If you don’t take care of the problem, it can be difficult to stop in time if you need to. This can easily lead to tragedy, so don’t wait.

It might seem “fun,” but a truck that rocks can quickly become a truck that doesn’t move at all!

5. It’s Difficult to Steer

Generally when you have trouble steering your truck, you immediately think of the power steering system. That’s one possibility, but there can also be suspension problems.

If you have lower power steering fluid, or the fluid is leaking, that can cause a lot of difficulty steering. So can a worn or loose power steering belt. However, worn control arm brushings can also be a concern.

Obviously, struggling to steer can cause a lot of problems with your truck. You can end up in an accident in daily driving, and if you try to off-road you can easily lose control. Be sure you get these repairs done right away.

6. Your Truck Continues to Bounce After a Bump

One of the signs of a broken suspension that is easy to identify is the ongoing bounce. You expect the truck to bounce a bit as you go over a railroad crossing or rough spot in the road , but it shouldn’t keep going.

If it does, it’s a sign of worn shocks or damaged leaf springs. If you don’t address it quickly, a minor repair can turn into a major mechanical expense.

As funny as the ongoing bounce can seem, it is dangerous. You don’t want a ball joint to snap and cause an accident or disable the truck in the middle of a trail. Get the truck fixed today!

7. The Shocks are Greasy

A lot of the signs of a broken suspension are based on how the truck handles when you drive. However, there is one piece of evidence you can see. If you look under the truck and notice that the shocks are greasy or oily, there’s a problem.

This means that the shocks are leaking fluid, which means they aren’t working the way should. You’ll need to have them replaced so that your vehicle continues to handle well and you stay safe on the road.

Do You Need Suspension Repair?

Now that you know the telltale signs of suspension problems, you know whether you need to contact your shop.

Maybe you don’t need suspension repair, but you’re looking for a custom suspension for your off-road adventures. Does that sound like you? If so, we can help.

Contact us today to learn more about what we have to offer for your truck!