7 Benefits to Having a Lifted Truck

7 Benefits to Having a Lifted Truck

When you own a pickup truck, it's not unreasonable to be tempted to lift your truck to achieve that pretty awesome and aggressive look that comes along with it.

Is a lifted truck worth it, though? Are there any benefits to lifting your truck?

There are definitely benefits to lifting your truck and a lot of different reasons why truck lifts are popular. However, your specific purposes will dictate whether or not it's the right decision for you.

Let's take a look at seven reasons why you might consider lifting your truck, along with some reasons why you might want to steer clear of this modification.

1. Higher Ground Clearance

One of the biggest benefits to lifting your truck is the higher ground clearance you will have. This means that you will be able to more easily navigate over steep inclines, rocky terrain, fallen logs, or any other obstacles you come across when you are driving off-road.

You'll also be much less likely to get stuck in the sand or mud when you're ground clearance is higher. If you do end up getting stuck, you will still find it much easier to get out.

2. Better Visibility

When you lift your truck, you also have a much better view of the road for both the driver and the passenger. This means that you will be able to detect traffic jams ahead of time and otherwise avoid hazards.

Your passengers will be able to enjoy the city or countryside unobstructed by other vehicles. Having a lifted truck can also make you more visible to other drivers, which can help you avoid getting into accidents.

3. Improved Suspension Articulation and Traction

There are several different types of articulated suspension systems that are available. These include the Double Wishbone Suspension, Independent Front Suspension (IFS), Twin-Traction Beam Suspension, and Four-Link Suspensions.

Ideal for providing excellent off-road capabilities and raising the height of a pickup truck, articulated suspensions can provide much better traction and tire-to-ground contact.

4. Bigger Wheels and Tires

When you lift your truck, you are creating more space between the body of the truck and the axles. This means that your truck will be able to accommodate larger wheels and tires. It is common for off-road pickups to use larger wheels.

When you put big tires on your truck, it can help to lift the truck higher and also provide better departure, break-over, and approach angles. On top of that, your truck will look way more aggressive with bigger tires.

5. Better Performance in Harsh Weather

If you live in an area where there is a lot of snow, a lifted truck with higher clearance will definitely help you navigate your environment more easily. A lifted truck can also help you handle flooding, ice, and mud. You'll also be able to have a much clearer view of the road and its conditions ahead when you are riding in a higher cabin.

6. A Lifted Truck Can Increase Payload Capacity

The maximum payload (passengers plus cargo) of a pickup truck is typically defined by truck manufacturers as the truck's curb weight subtracted from the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR).

When you lift your truck, you can increase the payload capacity of the vehicle. This is true if improved suspension parts are included, for example, coil-over shock absorbers and rear springs.

7. You Can Tow Heavier Loads

Whether or not lifting your truck will increase your vehicles towing capacity has to do with the method of suspension lift you use. If you are hoping to tow heavier loads with your truck, you will want to use a suspension lift method that is designed to eliminate dragging and riding up as well as producing a stable tow.

Using a body lift kit will not increase the towing capacity of a pickup truck. This is because the stock suspension will remain the same.

What Are the Cons of Lifting Your Truck?

While there are a lot of benefits to lifting your truck, there are also a few downsides too.

For one, it will take away from your handling abilities a little bit because the center of gravity has been raised. You'll also need to take corners slower and generally reduce your speeds. It's important to remember this because you do have an increased risk of rollover in a raised truck.

Using truck lift kits is also going to lower your fuel economy due to the increased overall weight of the vehicle, the higher rolling resistance of the tires, and the taller profile.

When you lift your truck, it also becomes a bit more difficult to get in and out of your truck. This can be a practical issue if you plan on transporting older people or children who might find it difficult to climb in and out of the vehicle.

It's also important to understand that it might void your warranty to lift your truck. This is because you are changing the overall structure significantly. If your truck is older you won't have to worry about this as much, but you should look into it if your truck is on the newer side.

Is a Lifted Truck in Your Future?

If you love off-roading , having a lifted truck can make a lot of sense. You'll be able to have higher ground clearance that allows you to avoid bottoming out and ride right over obstacles. You can also add bigger off-road tires, which can also improve your off-road experience.

Are you looking for more informative information to help you have the best possible off-road experience? If so, check out the rest of our blog !