5 Amazing Features of the New Ford Bronco

5 Amazing Features of the New Ford Bronco

Did you know that there are almost 287 million cars registered within the United States?

With so many different types of makes and models, you might be overwhelmed when deciding on an SUV that's worth you're hard-earned cash. One thing you should consider is the new Ford Bronco because it has a ton of features that leave other SUVs in the dust.

Are you wondering what makes this SUV so great? Keep reading to learn all about the 5 amazing features of the new Ford Bronco.

1. Trail Turn Assist

When it comes to Ford Bronco features, the trail turn assist is one of the best. Few people invest in an SUV without wanting to explore off the beaten path. The downside of this is that some of the unbeaten paths can be quite tight and require three-point turns, for instance.

This is where the trail turn assist comes in. Whether you need to get around a big boulder or a cluster of trees, the Ford Bronco's trail turn assist function will lock the rear wheel on the inner side of your turning direction. This is activated when your steering wheel has turned fully, indicating a very sharp turn.

Once locked, your SUV can rotate a pole and assist your turn so that you don't have anything to stress over.

2. Trail Control

As if the trail turn assist wasn't enough, the Ford Bronco car also boasts a cutting-edge feature called trail control. You could think of this as cruise control for SUVs because it allows you to maintain whatever trail speed you set except there's also an element of adaptability to it.

Instead of simply trying to maintain the speed and leaving you in the lurch, the Bronco works in sync with the brakes, the transmission, and your engine. That way, you can conquer the harshest trails without worrying about rocks, water, or steep inclines and declines. While your Bronco does the heavy lifting, you can focus on directing the vehicle with the steering wheel and that's it.

Are you wondering how to activate trail control in the first place? It's as easy as pushing a button on the top of the dashboard.

As you go on adventure after adventure, the camera on the Bronco's grille can see everything from an epic angle. This goes a long way toward tackling some of the most troublesome paths, especially since there's a panorama of 180 degrees.

3. Reduced Ride Noise

Few things kill the mood more than a noise vehicle when you're trying to jam out to your favorite artist. With most cars, going on the highway is a guarantee that you'll be listening to white noise more than anything else. However, the Ford Bronco boasts quiet ride technology so this annoyance is a thing of the past.

White noise is often increased when you have a vehicle with a removable hardtop like the Bronco. However, the designers have paid attention to every detail and sealed off the spaces around the hardtop while also making it super easy to remove all by yourself. Sealing the spaces is one of the most significant strategies they've used to eliminate that pesky noise.

It's worth emphasizing that the tires have a thickness of 35 inches. This also helps contribute to a quiet and enjoyable ride like no other.

4. A Great Liftgate

No matter what version of the new Ford Bronco you have, you'll be glad to know that you'll get the awesome split-glass rear liftgate. This allows you to access something in the back in a jiffy without the need to lift the entire gate.

When raising the whole gate, you'll have the benefit of floodlights that have a power source that's independent of the main battery. That way, you can see your way around the back without having to turn the engine on, for instance. Keep in mind that the independent battery will last for up to 45 minutes before it needs to be charged up again by the main power source.

The two jumbo handles on the liftgate make closing it super easy but you can also use them to hang wet clothing out to dry and anything else you can think of. As your clothes are drying after a relaxing dip, feel free to crack a cold one with the bottle opener that's installed close to the tail light.

5. One-Pedal Technology

No matter what kind of terrain you're dealing with, you can reach for the button in your console and choose the right one. This will affect how the brakes like so that you can protect your vehicle and not have to worry about complicated two-pedal methods.

Instead, the brakes let the wheels turn only as you press your foot on the accelerator pedal. As you let up on the pedal, the breaks will go back on the wheels and stop them from moving. This allows you to drive like an off-road expert without having to master the two-pedal technique.

You can also have peace of mind when going over larger rocks because the one-pedal technology will prevent intense falls from shocking your vehicle's frame. If you're loving the idea of this feature, don't forget that it only comes with the 2.7L V6 engine

Are You Ready to Drive the New Ford Bronco?

Now that you've learned all about the 5 amazing features of the new Ford Bronco, you can plan an epic road trip and tackle any terrain. Your friends and family members will be begging you to give them a spin on your new set of wheels.

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