The 2022 Buyer's Guide to 3rd Gen 4Runner Accessories

The 2022 Buyer's Guide to 3rd Gen 4Runner Accessories

In 2022, your 3rd Gen Toyota 4Runner is around 20 years old...but there's never been a better time to keep it. Part shortages and delays made both new and used cars expensive and hard to find as the decade began.

Keeping a 20-year-old vehicle used to be a challenge as manufacturers stopped making parts and accessories for retired models. While progress marches on, technology in the 2020s makes owning an older vehicle easier than ever.

The online marketplace offers an always-expanding variety of 3rd Gen 4Runner accessories and parts. This makes it simple for owners and mechanics alike to maintain and upgrade older vehicles. You could save money by keeping your beloved SUV instead of trading it in for a new or used replacement, so long as you keep it in shape. 

Take a look at these must-have 3rd Gen 4Runner accessories for 2022.

Customize Aesthetics or Maintain Retro Style

Inevitably, all cosmetic parts and accessories for your 3rd Gen Toyota 4Runner will wear out or break at some point. When they do, you have a few ways to go about replacing them.

You can opt for the quickest option, which is replacing them with generic equivalents. Or, you don't need to replace aesthetic parts at all if they're not necessary. When you care to put a little more effort into a replacement, you can invest in a unique 3rd Gen 4Runner upgrade.

Replacing 3rd Gen 4Runner bumpers with a modern update balances function and style. Using a welded plate bumper as a 3rd Gen 4Runner front bumper is an upgrade on both fronts. It helps protect the vehicle and gives it a fierce, industrial look.

If you want to maintain the SUV's retro charm, look at authentic replacement accessories. Here are a few popular examples:

  • Authentic brake light covers that preserve the SUV's personality
  • A retro 4Runner key fob cover replacement
  • 3rd Gen 4Runner grilles, central to the classic late 90s-early 2000s look

Take Your SUV to New Heights

The Toyota 4Runner is a popular choice for off-road driving, whether for pleasure or because another hobby or job demands it. The SUV without modification is made for the activity, but those navigating more challenging terrain like extra clearance.

A 3rd Gen 4Runner suspension lift kit is one common way to get the job done. You can also use a body lift kit but will need to then invest in larger tires to increase ground clearance.

If you don't care about ground clearance, adding a lift kit to your SUV is also a great way to boost its wow factor. You can use a body lift kit without new tires for this purpose. You'll gain a higher, more exciting ride experience and a more imposing vehicle.

Keep Track of Stats

Toyota made the 3rd Gen 4Runner from 1996-2002, when integrated computers weren't common in cars. Adding external technology to the vehicle helps you enjoy some conveniences of today's SUVs.

ScanGauge is a technology made to monitor RPM, MPG, and other vehicular vitals. It's a handy way to keep track of the older SUV's fuel economy.

A ScanGauge mount is a must for any 4Runner owner using this technology. With the stats posted in easy view from the driver's seat, you'll have no trouble monitoring how well your SUV performs.

Add an Awning

Any good SUV is multi-purpose by design, and the 3rd Gen Toyota 4Runner meets the criteria. It performs well on suburban streets and rugged terrain alike. So, it's no wonder that it's perfect for where the two intersect—a family camping adventure!

While some cars are cramped and stuffy on road trips,  traveling in a Toyota 4Runner  is comfortable. Your crew will be even happier in your ride if you add an awning for some shade when you park.

One convenient, sporty element of the 4Runner's design is that the roof is the perfect connection point for a portable awning. This fun accessory is multi-purpose: great for tailgates, picnics, camping, beach visits, and more.

Make Room on the Roof

The 3rd Gen Toyota 4Runner is spacious, with about 80 cubic feet of cargo volume in the 2002 model, for example. Yet, no amount of cargo space is enough for big travel groups and outdoors enthusiasts taking bicycle and canoe trips. When you're in an SUV and need more room for your stuff, there's nothing like a roof rack.

Like many SUVs, the 3rd Gen 4Runner accommodates both drill and non-drill roof racks. You can use them for everything from attaching luggage to camping in a rooftop tent.

Don't Forget the Snacks

Anyone who spends a significant amount of time around their car will find their stomach growling after a while, and stopping somewhere for food isn't always an option. A sturdy fridge/freezer for your 4Runner is the perfect thing to make sure you're never without a snack. If you want to make it a permanent feature in the back of your vehicle, bolting it down takes a few short minutes.

Let Your Engine Breathe

If you're looking to increase your 3rd Gen Toyota 4Runner's power, consider adding a cat-back exhaust system. This addition to your SUV's exhaust system lets your engine breathe more, allowing a boost in horsepower.

This system also improves fuel economy because the engine doesn't have to work as hard to release exhaust gases. That's especially important to many 3rd Gen 4Runner owners since the older SUV doesn't get the kind of mileage many of today's vehicle owners expect.

Get the 3rd Gen 4Runner Accessories You Need and More

These essential 3rd Gen 4Runner accessories will help you enjoy your vehicle in 2022 and beyond. If one or more caught your attention, you'll be happy to learn that you can find all of them for sale right here on this website.

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