96-02 3rd Gen 4Runner Rear Axle Bash Plate (ABP)

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Still running around with a naked rear axle? Add some beef to it, WITHOUT sacrificing ground clearance like a "bolt-on" skid. Our Rear Axle Bash Plate (ABP) effectively doubles the thickness of the bottom section of your 8in rear axle housing, while maintaining a low profile so none of that precious ground clearance is sacrificed!

This will fit all 8" Toyota axle housings from 79-02 OR 8.2"/8.4" axle housings.

Made from 1/8" P&O flat plate steel, these rear axle skid plates reinforce the bottom side of your factory sheet metal axle housing, where all the damage typically occurs, and adds strength to the drain plug surround. Precision laser cut to ensure a consistent clean fitment every time, these are a simple easy way to add much needed strength to your otherwise thin and easily compromised axle housing.

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For install:
We recommend seeking professional help to install the ABP. We are not to be held liable if/when an improper install leads to possible vehicle damage. These reinforcement plates are to be installed at users discretion.

We recommend draining your diff fluid AFTER installing this product, and replacing with fresh fluids. This will help for cooling purposes while welding, as well as prevent possibly reaching flash point and causing a fire inside of your axle housing.
Must remove diff breather before welding, built up pressure from the heat from welding can lead to damaged/leaking axle seals.
After cleaning and prepping the weld surface, it is recommended that you tack the flat plate onto the axle starting with the side of the axle where the drain plug is, be sure to line up the plate as inline with the axle as possible, and slowly bend the plate around the bottom of your axle housing, placing tack welds as you go to hold the plate in place. Some hammering may be required.
Once the plate is tacked down, and you have ensured good alignment, you can now weld the center strips. Center strips must be welded first.
Now you can hammer and roll the outer edges of the plate to ensure a nice tight fitment along the sides of the axle housing. Once you have a good, tight gap, you can now weld the outer edge of your axle plate. We recommend welding 2-3 inch strips at a time, insuring a stable heat transfer, and reducing the chance of warping or damaging your axle housing, as well as possibly heating up your diff fluid past it's flash point.
Once fully welded, now you may drain and fill your gear lube!

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