1996-2002 3rd Gen 4Runner Bilstein OME 5100 2.5" Lift Kit

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3rd Gen 4Runner Lift Kit 3 Inch 5100 OME Lift Kit

Current Lead Time: 2-3 Week

Backordered Items:

  • OME 881 Front Springs: July-Aug ETA
  • Rear Trim Packers: Sep-Nov ETA


  • Front and Rear OME Coil Springs
  • Bilstein 5100 4Runner Adjustable Struts
  • Bilstein 5100 3rd Gen 4Runner Rear Shocks
  • Bilstein 5100 Long Travel 4Runner Rear Shocks

Front Shocks:

  • Bilstein 5100 3rd Gen 4Runner Front Strut
  • Race Car Dynamics Shock (Original shock built for Bilstein before they created their own 3rd Gen 4Runner shock) More information can be found HERE
  • Both shocks are a great option! The RCD shocks have slightly more travel (0.1") and will provide slightly more lift (very minimal). Both shocks work well paired with the OME spring options below.

Front coils:

  • OME 880: Stock front weight, 1.5-inch lift
  • OME 881: Stock front weight, 2.5-inch lift
  • OME 883: 200+ lbs additional front weight (heavy bumper and winch) 2.5-3.0 inch lift

Rear coils:

  • OME 906: Medium 1.5 inch lift coils
  • OME 890: Medium 2.5-3 inch lift coils
  • OME 891: Heavy 2.5-3 inch lift coils (Great for 200+ lb of added weight such as aftermarket bumpers and storage systems)
  • OME 861: Heavy 3-3.5 inch lift coils (Great for 300+ lb of added weight such as aftermarket bumpers and storage systems)


  • Assembled: Want a ready-to-install front strut? This is the option you need! Assembled with high-quality MasterPro and OEM-quality stem bushings.
  • Rear Shocks: The long travel shock options utilize 4th Gen 4Runner Rear 5100 Bilstein shocks that also work on 3rd Gen 4Runners and provide an extra 1" of travel compared to the standard 3rd Gen shocks. Please be aware that this can cause the spring to be loose at full flex and is not recommended with the 906 rear spring option. Extended rear brake lines and bumpstops are recommended for this shock option.
  • Front Diff Drop Kit: Corrects 4WD CV angles by lowering your front differential (not required but recommended)
  • Upper Control Arms: Replace that worn-out upper ball joint with a brand-new upper control arm and uni-ball design. We offer top brands in the industry!
  • Panhard Correction Kit: Corrects your rear suspension geometry after lifting your 4Runner. Our favorite option by far!
  • Rear Trim Packers: 10mm Spacers that go between the springs and the coil bucket. Some people use one on the driver's side to correct any driver-side lean due to the driver and gas tank being on the same side. Some also use two (one on each side) to add an extra 10mm of height to their rear lift.
  • SRQ Swag Pack: This sweet pack includes decals, an SRQ shirt, and an SRQ bottle opener!


  • Kits come unassembled unless an assembly option is selected. You can reuse your stock top hat and stem bushing/washers for installation on unassembled kits.
  • All lift figures are based on lift averages, your exact setup may vary. We have no control over the total height the lift achieves on your specific vehicle
  • 2WD lift heights may vary from estimated heights as the front end is lighter
  • Lift estimates are based on the front struts being set on the lowest perch. Raising the perch level on the front struts to gain more lift may cause damage to the struts as the springs are lifting springs. You are responsible for any damage to the strut that may occur. Any manufacture warranties are voided when going above the lowest perch while utilizing OME lifting springs.

Shipping: $70.00 Free local pickup in Sarasota, FL is also available. This pricing is for the lower 48 states. Hawaii and Alaska shipping will require additional shipping charges after order placement.